A winter skiing adventure at Stubai, Austria

A winter skiing adventure at Stubai, Austria

Your perfect chair, everywhere..

That’s the essence of TRONO. Since we're from Amsterdam, we use our TRONO’s a lot for chill sessions in the famous Vondelpark (the Central Park of Amsterdam!), on the beach, on our holidays in Portugal and Spain. But we hadn't been on a skiing trip yet since the launch of TRONO.

The thing we love most is being outdoors and exploring all that nature has to offer. So, we decided to go a skiing trip with our friends to the wonderful Stubai in Austria. 

The skiing season will take off in December, but in Stubai you have a snow guarantee from October to June! The Stubai Valley is located roughly 15km away from Innsbruck. The valley extends more than 35 kilometers deep into the mountainscape of the Stubai Alps, with 80 glaciers and 109 three-thousand-meter mountains.

The new 3S Eisgratbahn ski lift is very comfortable, fits 20 people and will take you to the top while enjoying a breath-taking panoramic view! With the TRONO on our back, we glided down the pistes and we were the only ones who could enjoy the pro's in the park without having a cold butt!

We also found out that the TRONO makes a perfect sleigh... fun times! :D

The beautiful environment is surrounded by snow-topped trees. If you are looking for a winter wonderland experience, this is the place to be.


For more information about Stubai, check out their website: www.stubaier-gletscher.com