TRONO ambassador - Jayne from Oregon, USA

TRONO ambassador - Jayne from Oregon, USA

Your perfect chair, everywhere.. that’s the essence of TRONO. We love going outside to enjoy everything nature has to offer.

Our worldwide community of adventurers, travellers, photographers, snow fanatics, hikers, beach lovers, outdoor activists, dog walkers, digital nomads and photographers is exploring the world in comfort with us. They take their TRONO anywhere, and they come from everywhere over the world: from Hawaii to Finland to California to Austria! Get inspired by their stories and enjoy their best travel moments. This month: Jayne from Oregon!

Name: Jayne May Agnes
Lives in: Oregon, USA
Instagram: @jaynemayagnes


What is your favorite destination (and why)?
Ooo that’s a tough one, how can you pick just one? I would have to say that one of the most jaw dropping places I’ve ever been recently is Crater Lake National Park in Southern Oregon. It’s blue like you’ve never seen before and one of most pure places I’ve ever been. Even better, if you hike down to the bottom you can jump in. Let me tell you, it’s colder than you could even imagine, but well worth the shock.


What is your best travel memory?

All of them! But if I have to narrow it down it would be any adventure I’ve taken with my brother & husband. Solo travel is wonderful, but add your favorite people and it gets even better. Last summer we spent 10 days exploring southern Oregon. One day we would be hiking in the grand Jedediah Smith Redwood Forest, the next day we were kayaking the crystal clear Smith River and the next day playing spike ball on a secret beach in Boardman State Park. It doesn’t get better than that.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve experienced during your travels?

Complete & utter silence. This summer we were paddle boarding on Sparks Lake in Oregon and there happened to be a forest fire burning nearby so we were the only ones out there and you couldn’t see more than 30-40 feet out from where you were on the water. It was so quiet you could hear the birds calls reverberate across the water. It was the most eerie, beautiful and strange things I’ve ever experienced.

What is your favorite picture on your feed and what’s the story behind it?

This year it’s a photo that was a complete accident. I was climbing up there with a completely different shot in mind, but my husband snagged this as I was climbing up. It instantly became one of my favorite shots this year. This waterfall was one of the “lesser” famous ones in the Umpqua forest and I can’t tell you how many times we have passed it up to see the other falls, but it's truly majestic.

Where does your inspiration come from?

The insane beauty of the earth we inhabit. I’m also a huge fan of symmetry, so whenever I can create a sense of balance in a photograph or I find that spot to stand for the perfect view I’m pumped. Also light, light can change an otherwise simple hike into an insane show of color and pattern.

Do you listen to music during your hikes?

Not on the hike itself, but in the car on the way to the destination the windows should always be down and the music always blasting.
If you had to emigrate to another country for a year, where would it be?
I’m going to have to go with Norway and/or Sweden. My great grandfather came from Norway and my great grandmother from Sweden. I typically hate being cold, but when I’m bundled up exploring a new culture or landscape, there is nothing better. I’d love to see if I felt instantly “at home” within their culture and landscape.

If you could go back in time and visit any city or country in another time period, when and where would you go?
Ancient Greece. We are planning a trip to Greece right now and I’ve always loved Greek Mythology. Where else better to experience ancient culture but in an already beautiful landscape.
Where or when do you use your TRONO the most?
The best thing about Tronos is that they are super light and easy to carry. So when we hike we take them with us to rest our weary bones, without having to carry a bulky heavy camp chair.
What is the best travel advice you want to give?
I am absolutely not a morning person, but getting up at 5am to see the sunrise somewhere spectacular is ALWAYS worth it.

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