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World's biggest swimming pool

World's biggest swimming pool


Besides swimming, you can also sail, row, wakeboard, jetski and dive in this pool! The pool is 1km (3,3 ft) long and contains 250 million (!) litres (66 gallons) of water. That is more than 20 Olympic size pools.

This huge amount of water is pumped from the Pacific Ocean before it’s gets filtered and treated automatically. This man-made paradise is called San Alfonso Del Mar and is located in Chile. Don’t forget to put in on your bucketlist! 

The pool was developed by Fernando Fischmann and built by the Chilean company Crystal Lagoons. This swimmer’s valhalla opened in 2006 after 5 years of construction work. The estimated total cost of the construction is $3.5 million for the filtration system alone. It cost $2 million annually to keep this masterpiece up and flowing.